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Monday, February 21, 2005

Tsunami Relief and Engineers Without Borders Donation

The ECE486 class has a deal with Prof. Wang. We need to raise $150.00 for Tsunami Relief and Engineers Without Borders ($75.00/ea.) by next Wenesday (Feb 23, 2005), and we will have our ECE486 lecture cancelled the day after IRS. So far, we have $12.00 ... gettin' there :$

Follow up : By Feb 21, 2005, we did collect $150.00 and money had been distributed accordingly.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Theft in robotic lab update

Okay, today my supervisor purchased x2 512MB SDRAM PC133 modules and the computer boots now. But the thing that I was worry about becomes true: those sons of a bitch formatted hard drive as well as stole the memory modules (!!) Man, I seriously have nothing say ... Either they really hate my supervisor or they really have nothing to do. It seriously affects the project schedule and I will need to work for extra hours to get the project up to speed again. The reason for me to work on a project is to show my research-ability and to get good reference letter (and good marks too). If I can only fix the robot at the end of this term but nothing research related, I really don't know what to write for my 5000-word report ... I am royally screwed :-S

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another tech ignorance


Friday, February 11, 2005

Funny comic makes your day!

Specially when you are totally stressed ... a funny comic certainly relief your suffers :)


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Viva La Resistance!

I finally finish the last-minute change of my grad quote. I hope they still allow me to resubmit ... Anyway, here it is :

I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floatin' around accidental-like on a breeze. But I, I think maybe it's both, maybe both happening at the same time.
- Forrest Gump

I must first thank my mom, dad and sis. They're always with me every step I've taken no matter how tough it is. I couldn't emphasize enough how much I thank them. I love you all the time! I need to thank Ms. Yan and she is the best teacher I've had in my life. Thanks Ms. Yan! I also need to thank Prof. Cleghorn and Mr. Hagop Artinian for the times we worked together. Special thanks to Carmen Caradima for all her helps and advices.

Tim, Rob : I couldn't say how much fun I had and how much I miss you guys and the ComESutra gangs
Alice : You're always my best friend
Lee, Mark, Rob : OEC/CEC were great and job well done
Ailsa, Dan, Ian, Sunny : ARTEMIS is hell of a project and I won't forget all the fun we had
JamesD : It was great working together back in TSS days
Jan, Cathy, Phil, Phill, RT : It was great to work together during FYPD
Ming : Thanks for all your advices
Brian : It was fun studying AI
Maria : Gimme the bowl of cereal
GYKK : Dude, where is my (solar)car?
June, Don : I luv CDT
Julie : Thanks for all your helps and advices
AAC, VS, ATI, PXLW : Thanks for giving me great working experiences

Although getting in to UW is not easy, graduating from UW is even harder! I can only do so little. Without your supports I certainly wouldn't be this far. My success is not mine, but it's all ours. Thank you all again and let's be prepared for more challenges! Viva La Resistance!!


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Theft in robotic lab

Even though there are locks in all lab doors, someone still finds one's way to take whatever one's want ... Today I went in the robotic lab and tried to work on my research project. Last time I came to the lab was this Monday. In the next couple days I was so busy preparing job fair and interviews. So on Thursday I told me supervisor that I would come to the lab during weekend. He said it was okay and he gave me the key. Fast forward to this afternoon, I found that the computer case was opened. There were a video card and a 30GB HDD sit in the bottom of the computer case. The CD-W is disconnected too. More importantly, the RAM was stolen (!!) Without the RAM, the computer just won't boot and I just cannot continue my work. Man, if I found out who did that to me, I am sure I will beat that piece of sh_t up!! Piss me off ... :@ Now I hope that all the control codes/software are still there, otherwise rebuilding those is going to take *forever* and I will never get this project done by April ... &$^@(#*$&

Project ARTEMIS @ E&CE Symposium 2005 (Jan 19, 2005)

Project ARTEMIS @ E&CE Symposium 2005 (L to R : Dan, Sunny, Ian, Ailsa, me)

Ailsa was there early in the morning ( ... and Sunny was just slacking off :p)

Dan explained how ARTEMIS works to 2nd year E&CE students

Carmen Caradima (Our favorite lab instructor) came and visited us too :)

Sunny @ the booth (... and he was all coo!)