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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Theft in robotic lab

Even though there are locks in all lab doors, someone still finds one's way to take whatever one's want ... Today I went in the robotic lab and tried to work on my research project. Last time I came to the lab was this Monday. In the next couple days I was so busy preparing job fair and interviews. So on Thursday I told me supervisor that I would come to the lab during weekend. He said it was okay and he gave me the key. Fast forward to this afternoon, I found that the computer case was opened. There were a video card and a 30GB HDD sit in the bottom of the computer case. The CD-W is disconnected too. More importantly, the RAM was stolen (!!) Without the RAM, the computer just won't boot and I just cannot continue my work. Man, if I found out who did that to me, I am sure I will beat that piece of sh_t up!! Piss me off ... :@ Now I hope that all the control codes/software are still there, otherwise rebuilding those is going to take *forever* and I will never get this project done by April ... &$^@(#*$&


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