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Friday, December 23, 2005

News: X'mas tree from PXLW Taiwan

I've just received these pictures today from PXLW Taiwan. Look at the X'mas tree! It's made of carton boxes ... it's creative and cool :)

Merry X'mas everyone!


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Friends: Allan's online photo album

Allan is my best bud in HK and he is a super nice guy! We used to play basketball together while we were in high school in HK. I went to HK this summer after I graduated. He told me that he was now in to digital photography. He has his own online photo album to share his photos, such as Trip to Taiwan and Christmas Décor in HK. He also has his pet cat (see pictures below ... and it's real!!) and she is called 囡囡 (in English means my beloved daughter).

(Courtesy of Allan Chow)

Find out more about Allan’s online photo album, click here.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Friends: James' New Born Girl - Serena

My co-worker, James Zhou (pronounced as Chow in Cantonese) , has received the best gift he has ever had - a new born girl. His daughter's name is Serena Zhou and she looks really cute! James has created a blog for Serena. Please take a moment check out her blog (although it's maintained by James :P) and best wishes this little girl on her first Christmas!

(Courtesy of James Zhou)


Monday, December 19, 2005

Photo/Video: Kevin's Farewell Party 2005

Kevin was my manager in PXLW and he is a super nice guy. Everyone in the office miss him alot and we took him out for dinner on the day before his last day. Victor and I drew him a farewell card (Thanks to Maria for finding out my talent!) and we (Drake, Matt, Maria, Laila, Victor and me) had also prepared a hockey goalie stick with all our pictures on it as a farewell gift ...

I've took some pictures during the dinner party and here they are!

I've also used my DC to take two video shots: Card and Goalie Stick

Miss you all them time, Kev!!


News: My Video Blog

Yeah, pictures are simply not enough. People say "picture means a thoursand words". Nowadays, people should also say "video means ten thoursand words"! My DC certainly isn't the top-of-the-line but it does a great job for taking instant video. Since I've already had my phot blog, might also take the advantage of video blog to share videos with you all, and there it is ... http://jackeywong.blip.tv/