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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Photos: Coop @ ATI

Shutterfly is great and the upload picture plug-in for your favourite browser (IE/Netscape/Firefox) makes your life a lot easier. Here're the pictures in my coop term at ATI in Summer (2001?). People in these pictures are graduated. Some are working at ATI, while others are working somewhere else. Click here to album.

more photo albums can be found in Jackey's Photo

News: Tornado @ GTA

The weather in GTA was insanely bad on 19 Aug, 2005 and tornado was reported in certain areas. Cars were flipped over and trees were damaged by the tornado.

100 cm of rain fall was recorded in less than two hours (!!) and certain area (such as Scarborough ) was flooded and power was out for that evening. My aunt who is working in a local insurance broker company told me that her client called and said there was 3 feet high of water in the basement. Water rushed into the basement and totally ruined all furniture. Area like Thornhill and Richmond Hill were also affected by the huge amount of rain, although it's not as bad as other cities.

Parking lot outside where I work in Richmond Hill was filled with water as if it was a pond. People were eventurely *sailing* home from work and it's pretty interesting to watch.

People took their car out and let the Mother Nature does the car wash for them. Smart!

Although the tornado has left for more than a week now, friend of mine MSN me. Apparently someone took pictures while the tornado came and posted them on the net. I've also put those pictures here so you can also visually feel the tornado@GTA :)

(Courtesy by UWants Forum)